Waiting Outside Of The Airport

Hey everyone! Ally just made the coolest prop for KaTink – at first I thought it was just a prop but oh no, she added 5 poses to it and a mobile phone to wear. Oops it almost got by me until I went to put a demo of the prop in the store and caught my error. Here are some shots I took for the vendor. I’m gonna have fun with this prop. Thanks so much Ally. Poses are also being sold separately as Chatty Cathy Set.KaTink - Chatty Cathy Pose 5

KaTink - Chatty Cathy Pose 4

KaTink - Chatty Cathy Pose 3

KaTink - Chatty Cathy Pose 2

KaTink - Chatty Cathy Pose 1

Tuli skin Eva/Sunkissed
Tuli Eva shape – modded
Fashism – Sunrise Eyes in Lagoon
EMO-tions Frozen Hair in Natural
GF Bow Neck Tops in Brown
Gizza Fusion CHIC Pants in Brown
Slink Astrid Boots in Brown

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